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Jérôme Lemoine

Mots et Compagnie is a tiny copywriting company dedicated to all your adverting and corporate communication projects.

Whether you’re an agency or a small brand, you need an external resource, skilled and quickly available, to meet all your needs in terms of copywriting: naming, headlines, baselines and online content; but also creative concepts, billboards or web banners, TV scripts and even radio spots.

Jérôme mainly sees itself as a solutions deliverer, an ideas provider; in one word, a small “word-crafter” that’ll make all the difference for all of your projects, in any field: BTC, BTB, HR, CSR or Financial Communication, etc.

Volubile | Name Creator


Brand creation


Eric Casalis


After working in the world of publishing and then market research, he discovered the highly specialized craft of brand creation. In 2007, he founded the agency Volubile. Since that day, he has put his knowledge of the world of the sign and his experience of the world of communication at the service of small and medium-sized companies. For each of them, he designs consultancy services in brand identity which are all ad hoc solutions. This experience confirms him every day in the idea that the craftsmanship of this profession constitutes the wealth that enables him to respond to such clearly differentiated issues.

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